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A place rich with its variety and diversity, and more stuck to its grassroots, India and its handicrafts add to the legacy of the beautiful culture that it has. Even today nothing can replace the significance of something made with hands and with heart. Although, made with more man-made or non-natural materials today, Indian Handicrafts and the people that are involved in making them, must be valued or given the due respect. India is home to some of the finest wood craftsmen and has a rich culture and heritage.

A craftsman sits quietly and chisels away a piece of wood with his toolkit, and turns a plain piece of wood into something totally unrecognizable from its original form. handicrafts take a lot of time and dedication to be completed and thus is highly extrinsic in its art value.

Handicrafts are made by using organic ways. Woodworks are made by using Mango, Mahogany and Sheesham wood with fine polishing that avoids any breakage or splitting of wood. Not everyone can pick up the skills that are needed to produce a finely chiseled wooden handicraft.

As the craftsmen explain – the skills of making these colorful beautiful aesthetic handicrafts runs in their blood, by which they mean it has been passed on to them from their old ancestors. 

At handicraft items are truly inspired and this artwork is done by the awarded artisans from local community.