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Vintage Old Style Military Compass Nautical Pocket Shiny Brass Navigational Instrument

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  • Diameter : 2.5 inches, Height : 1 inches, Weight : 200 grams , A compass is product that symbolizes direction which is a guidance for navigation.
  • Material Used: Solid brass & Copper hardware with fine glass and lens, magnetic compass needle.
  • Color: Finish : Brass Polished to shiny finish. The product contains a top quality leather box gift box and a beautiful handcrafted Sailor’s Brass Compass.
  • Vintage reproduction, magnetic compass, Nautical navigational compass The Corps of Engineers Lensatic Compass was the most common style in use during World War II, particularly later in the war as the other models were phased out.
  • Magnetic needle lies on South to North pole - Good for hiking and Camping.